Enterprises that want to achieve a quick and dramatic impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their IT Services portfolio often opt for a collaborated Development Center (CDC), which is an extension of their own IT Services capabilities.

zCon’s proprietary Extended Development Center/Solutions Delivery Framework helps build a distributed delivery capacity with a variety of features and benefits:

  • Implemented through ‘co-development’ and ‘virtual teams’, in contrast to the traditional “black box” model of outsourcing
  • Provides a range of services (New Dev, Sustenance, QA, Support, PS, etc.)
  • Employs a strong operational framework and mature governance model
  • Fosters true partnership and joint ownership through mutual investment
  • Offers a well-defined process and a collection of guidelines, checklists, tools, templates, etc.
  • Leverages structured and repeatable processes right from the start

The EDC is built upon the principles of:

  • Talent creation and retention
  • Brand development
  • 100% transparency and control
  • Complete integration of teams
  • Customized delivery/execution methodology
  • Deep focus on IP protection