zCon offers various offshore outsourcing delivery models that are intended to suit varying needs, business scenarios and comfort levels. Outsourcing may be a part of your organization’s overall strategy for many reasons like cost reduction, improving operations, improving quality, decreasing headcount, decreasing management overheads and / or restructuring. zCon offers services aiming at providing financial return, risk mitigation, strategic alignment, political impact and intuition.


The Global Delivery Model combines the bounty of onsite and offshore delivery models, hence assures the best of both worlds. It is the most optimum option to maximize the tangible and intangible benefits. So if the design has been finalized and the project is into the development stage, this delivery model is ideal as it allows the client to keep in touch with project in real time. This is very effective for medium sized to large sized projects.


  • This model follows the approach that an onsite team will be placed at the client’s premises, where there could be the roles of project manager, system analyst, DBA, coordinator & programmer depending on the needs of the project.
  • The Requirement analysis, High level design and overall planning the system deliverables and schedule will be done onsite through direct interaction with the client.
  • This gives a crystal clear picture to our team of the factors affecting the project and gives client a little more comfort assuring parity & understanding.
  • The offshore team deals only with the onsite team.
  • The onsite team plays as a coordinator between the offshore team and the client, increasing efficiency and ensuring timely delivery.


The onsite delivery model represents an arrangement where the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) is run through from initiation to end, at the client’s premises. So if the project is quite nascent, and there is scope for a lot of flexibility with the delivery, this option is ideal. It is also lucrative if the scope of the project may take shape during the course of the project. This delivery model as compared to the offshore model is most cost intensive. This model could also be a requirement if the input channels for a project are many and not a single entity can become the input funnel to the technical team.


  • Maintain teams of highly skilled software professionals with international experience and strong inter-personal skills
  • Our representatives have strong business acumen and drive to deliver par expectations
  • Our onsite team also carries the support and knowledge of our offshore team in case specialist knowledge or help is required to solve complex business issues & ensure timely delivery


The Offshore Delivery Model represents an arrangement where the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) is run through from initiation to end, at our premises. So, if the project objectives/end results are well defined, the delivery is time-bound. This Model is ideal since our internal program /project managers will be responsible for understanding the requirements of the project, governing its execution and designing its implementation strategy. Our offshore dedicated team has defined processes and communication channels which help them to achieve faster and more uniform result patterns during the course of the project. Our project managers work in tandem with team utilizing proven methodologies to ensure timely delivery of quality product for maximum satisfaction of our client.


  • Build a transparent communication plan with the client, at the very onset of the project
  • This would incorporate details like the frequency and method of communication etc.
  • We offer maximum clarity in our system for clients to be confident about our delivery strategy