Today, the most successful and widely accepted mode for automated website testing, especially for testing graphical user interfaces and functionality of web-based applications is to use Selenium automation testing tool based framework. Selenium automation testing offers reliability, quality and integration of web applications through its cost-effective open source testing framework.


We provide a comprehensive testing solution for different applications with the help of our dedicated team and testing experts. The Selenium testing tools have everything that meets customer expectations. It includes the feature of record/playback, support with widely known programming languages (Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Groovy, and JavaScript-Node) along with market wide used browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc.). We provide complete Selenium automation testing service, independent of the programming language and platforms, requiring only to learn the framework and test script automation. Moreover, to cut down the test time, we run parallel and distributed tests using Selenium Grid, an advanced Selenium automation testing tool.

Selenium Automation Testing


  • Our Selenium software testing framework can be run on all browsers, platforms, OS using a single click
  • Selenium automation testing irrespective of the web applications
  • Performance testing using the Test automation framework and integration
  • Automated web application testing
  • Keyword, Data driven, Hybrid approache based testing with the widely used POM concept
  • Selenium website testing on a number of languages, browsers, and platforms
  • Selenium mobile testing for all types of smartphone applications
  • Offshore Selenium testing services


Selenium automation testing tool involves use of the following four major steps:

  • Scripts creation using Selenium IDE: The step uses Selenium IDE for quick test case with Firefox and editing of the scripts and features. This step is often referred as record-playback mode. You can prepare HTML initial test scripts in a real environment with this tool.
  • Script enhancement: We use Selenium WebDriver to enhance and debug test cases. In this step, you can include programmatic verifications based on end-user requirements and rational changes in the application.
  • Batch running and defect logging: zCon developed framework with Selenium tool has capability to execute all automated test cases and can integrate with bug tracking system to identify and report bugs. In addition, it maintains the history of all the tracked bugs for future reference.
  • Script maintenance: We use Selenium software testing tool to maintain scripts and changes to the existing test cases as and when required.