Established Products with passage of time become obsolete and lose their relevance unless they are re-engineered and upgraded. Companies often find it difficult to undertake the task on their own as they require re-engineering of the product for a wide segment of potential customers while preserving the key customer segment. It’s a complex as well as a risky and an expensive task since it requires a special type of software engineering capabilities.

It’s here zCon Solutions comes in. With our extensive experience and expertise in handling scores of such assignments, we possess the required capabilities to handle such an assignment. Using a highly developed and tested mass reengineering methodology involving a mix of automated impact assessment, data migration, technology migration system using tool-based reverse engineering, and forward engineering, conversion and testing tools, our solutions helps you to re-engineer and integrate them seamlessly in line with current requirements.


  • Code re-structuring
  • Re-documentation
  • Platform transitions
  • Language conversion

  • Migration to client/server and web
  • Porting and Data Migration
  • Legacy Systems and Application Re-engineering
  • Enterprise Application Integration

Our USP lies in our ability to shorten the project timeframe, reduce the project cost and mitigate the project risks through minimization of human error.

Over a period of time, your business needs would need a software development partner with the knowledge and expertise to help meet your diverse needs. Our professionals will work with you to recommend the right solutions with the functional and workflow changes to your software applications in a time bound and cost effective manner

Our Cloud Migration Services provide the highest returns and are delivered with an enterprise cloud that is secure and reliable, with the performance your business needs. It delivers safe and secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for your back-office, customer-facing and mission-critical applications. Cloud preserves capital, enable IT staff to focus on innovation and growth, and improves alignment between IT and the business by providing an agile IT infrastructure that is scalable and always available on demand.

Enterprise cloud benefits are real and deliver great value, allowing you to migrate your applications and workloads into the cloud platform without the time and risk typically involved with the process. This means you will ultimately accelerate the delivery of cloud benefits for you organisation by turning migration painless, simple and fast with zCon’s Migration Services solutions.


Our Cloud Migration Services guarantee security and information control associated with servers and applications whilst on the migration process, so there is no need to worry about the moving process. We will provide a safe and reliable migration to the cloud.

zCon follows cloud security protocols to restores important security and control information that can be typically lost when workloads are moved to the cloud.


Migration reference Architecture defines the migration strategy, methodology and migration type based on your server, application environment, and system and process dependencies.

Businesses need to adapt to the new challenges and keep abreast with new technology developments to stay relevant in a marketplace that is always changing. Legacy applications need to stay ahead moving from traditional mainframe to client/server or web architecture that is more accessible and responsive to customer needs.

zCon Solutions has a wealth of experience in handling the complex task of application migration and offers a flexible and secure process for moving your strategic applications to the new environment.

Our Solutions can find an answer for moving legacy systems on to more modern platforms – Linux or Windows Server etc.

Our professionals with expertise in several operating system platforms and database systems, work closely with you to understand issues faced by your business like complex architecture, deployment, scalability and performance issues, etc and accordingly provide solutions that will help your business with the right migration approach in a cost effective manner. This way, your business can achieve lower maintenance costs, better response time, improved scalability and enhanced business agility.


  • Legacy Application re-design/ re-transform/ re-engineer
  • Database upgrade/migration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Responsive UI Migration