Enterprise Mobility

Our mobile development capabilities include:

  • Building mobile applications in a wide range of domains and functional areas.
  • Experience with common issues related to mobile development: web-services integration, GPS integration, battery management, device detection, image resizing, codecs, network management, offline data and synchronization, cross-platform development, and integration with social platforms.
Enterprise Mobility

We offer a balanced mix of design and implementation expertise, with a team of mobile architects, PMs, UI/UX experts, and developers.

Crafting Quality Technovative Solutions

The Mobile Opportunity and Challenges

The emergence of mobile computing devices (smart phones, tablets, and so on) has resulted in an evolutionary shift in the use of computers and communication tools to manage daily lives and relationships. Organizations considering the incorporation of mobile in their marketing and communication strategy must embrace the confluence of mobile with social media, and use the capability to analyze user behavior as part of their strategy.

Due to popular adoption of mobile apps, many enterprises are looking for opportunities to deliver value by creating the perfect mobile app. Empowered consumers are demanding new engagement models and channels on their terms with the companies they do business with.

Application Development and Maintenance

Our services encompass end-to-end application design, development, and maintenance services across various platforms (Android™, iOS™, mobile web, and Windows™ mobile).

Our proven implementation methodology with an emphasis on standards and processes results in robust deployments.

Mobile QA Services

We provide

  • Multiple state-of-the-art mobility labs
  • Inclusive mobile QA services for enterprise apps

Crafting Quality Technovative Solutions

Our enterprise mobility services include:
  • Strategy and consulting
  • Provide a roadmap to enhance mobile capability and augment the mobile experience at different customer touch points.
  • Understand and analyze the current state of the mobile services ecosystem.
  • Gain an understanding of the business goals to be achieved through mobile solutions.
  • Establish a mobility services implementation roadmap.
We provide technology consulting services in:
  • Native vs web app vs cross-platform apps.
  • Mobile device management and proliferation.
  • Choice of mobile development and performance testing tools.
  • Mobile scalability, security, and quality of experience.
  • Design and Implementation of mobility solutions.

Design and Implementation

We have one-on-one technical discussions with the client team and finalize the architecture for mobility solutions. To get early feedback from the customer, our team often develops a proof-of-concept before starting development.

We provide core architecture support and strategy that is focused on: 

  • Management platform: security, application lifecycle management, user management, app store management.
  • Mobility services: Mobile app store, employee productivity apps, remote monitoring apps, sales personnel apps, health care apps.
  • Provide mobility solutions that integrate seamlessly with Big Data and the cloud.

Crafting Quality Technovative Solutions